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I write novels and guest opinions published in the local paper. Some of them will appear here. Your feedback is welcome. This site is going through reconstruction as I convert my novels to e-books. I’ve written five novels and eventually all will be available in e-book form. A Good Man will be available fall 2011.


lucy-Charlie Brown-football

We are Charlie Brown

Every fall comic strip lovers anxiously anticipate the day when Lucy Van Pelt entices Charley Brown to kick the football while she holds it up with her finger. Lucy does a lot of talking and seems to have a convincing message each year. And every time poor Charley Brown believes her and runs forward to […]

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Rank Has It's Privileges | The Abuse of Power | Bill Ellis Writes

Abuse of Power | Rank Has It’s Privileges

I was trained to be an army officer during six months of officer candidate school in 1966. And to this day those months were the best education in human relations I ever received; better than all 17 years of formal education spent earning a BA and MPA. The concept and pitfalls of RHIP were dispensed […]

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Nationalizing the 2010 Election

During the summer of 1964 I lived in the attic of a physician’s home in northwest Washington, D. C. It cost three of us $40 each per month while we looked for jobs and went to grad school classes at night. If we needed to use the phone the doctor’s wife would stand nearby and […]

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Domestic Violence

A very Proper Halloween Princess

A Very Proper Lady | An Article on Domestic Violence

Her name is long forgotten; her sadness unforgettable.  I’ll call her Mrs. Schmidt because I do remember her slight German accent and that she always wore gray wool suits like those I recall ladies wearing from my days stationed in Heidelberg.  Proper would be a good catchall word to describe her.  She sat up straight, […]

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